It’s always about food.

When the heavily armed militia-folk took over the empty bird sanctuary in Oregon earlier this month, the press did their usual thing and set up camp around the area and fed us a steady stream of repeating stories with various experts in-studio to stretch the story into something that could fill the airwaves for 24 hours.

Where it go interesting for the rest of America was when a plea went out from the bunker to social media. What did these brave patriots need? Medical supplies? Ammunition? No. What they really needed was snacks and energy drinks. Yep. In the midst of their feverish march on the tyranny of big government, they forgot to pack enough snacks. It reminded me of the famous letter from Gen. George Washington to Quartermaster Thomas Mifflin:

Eyes only – Maj. Thos. Mifflin, Quartermaster, US Continental Army

From the hand of Gen. Geo. Washington

My Dear Sir – As our troops languish in the icy grip of a deep and unyielding Pennsylvania winter, we know full well that the very existence of fledgling nation depends on the successful execution of our duties in this bloody task to which we have sworn our sacred honor. Therefore, it is with utmost urgency that we hereby entreat thee to bring forth, post haste, a cornucopia of snack victuals (more of the nougat and nut varieties, and pray thee fewer of the fruit cordial types). We further  implore that thou be swift afoot and fleet of horse in the urgent transport of fizzy beverages which may bolster our energies so drained by cold and malnourishment. As we stand at the ready to face musket brigades and encampments of sure-eyed fusiliers, we are also prepared to sharpen our minds with puzzles and trickments that you may also procure and deliver forthwith for a keen mind is of import, nay of greatest import to our mission at hand. I await your reply with earnest hunger of body and mind. General George Washington

Stay strong America.snacks