• In Praise of the Common Button Mushroom

      In Praise of the Common Button Mushroom

      It used to be that the only mushroom available fresh in the grocery store was the humble button mushroom. If you wanted mushrooms in your dish there were just a couple of choices. You could go canned or you could go button. The canned mushrooms That...

    • Semi-sweet


      For the first time in many years I didn’t have to work on Valentine’s Day. Kittyand I had the rare opportunity to spend V-day together, despite the fact that neither of us have ever been big fans of this “Hallmark Holiday.” I ...

    • Steak in Cast Iron

      Steak in Cast Iron

      Ok, seriously. This post doesn’t need a lead-in full of flowery language or a poetic back story. It’s about steak. That should be enough. ...

Buy some damn tongs already!

The little green house on Stable Alley in St. Mary’s, Georgia was nearly perfect. We had 75% of our children (we still call these quasi-adults “children”) with us and the kitchen had a gas stove. We brought an ice chest full of food, packed in like we were expecting some ...

Hitting you with Culinary Adventures

Symphony of Chefs

It was really a blast cooking with some great chefs this past Saturday in Monroe, Louisiana. The event was called “A Symphony of Chefs” and the proceeds benefitted the Monroe Symphony Orchestra. Chef Blake Phillips of Restaurant Sage ...

Natchez Biscuit Festival

Tom will be in Natchez on September 24th, hosting the Natchez Biscuit Festival. Come eat a biscuit and meet the Biscuit Queen!

Louisiana Film Prize/Food Prize

Tom will be in Shreveport from September 28-October 1 for all of the food events associated with the Louisiana Film Prize and the Louisiana Food Prize. Follow the links below for more details. Film Prize Food Prize    

Worth the Drive

My father spent the final year of his life in the VA Nursing Home in West Jackson. It was a difficult time for both of us. When a series of mini strokes tumbled him from his gregarious, larger than life existence into a weakened shell of his ...

Cercle Complet

Much of my love for cooking is a result of my parents’ love of the same. Both my mother and father were fantastic cooks, but dad was more of a student of culinary history and arts. His library was filled with cookbooks and when we ...




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